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Our Periodontics Course -

                                 Periodontology: Masterclass in Periodontics.
         Perio life and aesthetics- “A practical approach to periodontics”
During dental treatment which is the most basic part considered for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes? Is it periodontal?
If you ever had gingival disease or you had thought of going for an implant or you have bone loss near your teeth then only a periodontist or a periodontal specialist or any other dental practitioner who has good knowledge in periodontics will help you with this problem. If patients are not in good perio
dontal health then there will be no use of any restoration or any prosthesis.

  • As a dental practitioner, if you have any difficulty in dealing with periodontal disease or you want to get basic to advance knowledge of periodontics so that you can 100% satisfy your patient.

  • The emphasis will be on diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical management, as well as the role of periodontics in daily clinical practice.

  • You’ll also develop relevant clinical skills through the hands-on elements of the program.

  • The aim of our course is to implement quick learning in dental practice and enable general dental practitioners in diagnosing, planning, and performing basic to advanced periodontal procedures.

     Periodontics Course

    Details of the course:

  Scope of Periodontology:

How to differentiate gingival and periodontal conditions
Therapeutic intervention of the initial cause

Treatment Planning: How and When?

    Non-surgical Periodontics:

Scaling, Root planning, Curettage: Rationale, Indications, Contraindications
Tips for efficient debridement

   Surgical Periodontics:

The rationale of surgery: Why and when it is needed?

Indications and contraindications:
Periodontal maintenance: When and how to determine the time for follow-up after different periodontal procedures.

Sterilization and Asepsis:
Periodontal prognosis: To save or extract a periodontally compromised tooth.

Hands-On :
Treatment planning with Radiographs & study models.

Demo on the following :
Armamentarium & Instrumentation
Ultrasonic scalers
Gracey curettes
Air polisher
Cleaning tools (interdental brushes/floss)


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Dr.Anup Cholepatil Course conductor

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Dr.vivek Rathod
Course conductor

Dr.Sameeksha Khedkar
Course co-

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