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Importance of Physiotherapy

At present physiotherapy has become an important field. Physiotherapy has become an essential part of every branch of medicine. It has various importance in our life.

Benefits of Physiotherapy:

  1. Pain Relief: Physiotherapy helps in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

  2. Strength Training: Physiotherapystrengthen the muscles which help in controlling pain.

  3. Posture Correction: Correctingposture helps in relieving pain from the neck and back.

  4. Increase Range of Motion of Joint: Conditions like frozen shoulder or post-fracture stiffness.

  5. Improve Cardio: Respiratoryfunction- breathing exercises, limb physiotherapy, and chest physiotherapy helps to improve cardio-respiratory function.

  6. Increase Coordination: Physiotherapy helps in improving coordination in various conditions like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and so on.

  7. Improve Balance to Reduce Risk of Fall

  8. Maintain Activity of Daily Living: In cases like rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord injury, and stroke. The physiotherapist helps in modifying the activities according to the condition.

  9. Life-Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients: Improve the quality of life-rehabilitation of stroke patients helps in improving their quality of life. Early consultation of stroke patients with a physiotherapist can give 100 percent recoveries in patients.

  10. Sports Injuries: Physiotherapy helps in sports injuries- on the field as well as off the field. Conditions like knee ligament injury, meniscal injury, rotator cuff injury, ankle sprains, and so on.

  11. Pre and Post Surgery: Knee replacements, hip replacements, kidney transplants, and other surgeries.

  12. Rehabilitation of the Cancer Patients: Rehabilitation of cancer patients like maintaining their muscle power, improving lung patency, and motivating the patients.

  13. Ergonomic Classes: Office workers should attend ergonomic classes to maintain good posture. Every company should have a physiotherapist. They should organize regular ergonomic classes.


1. Do I need a doctor to refer me to physiotherapy?

Patients do not need any references. They can directly come to the physiotherapist. If they feel the patient needs any consultation with other doctors, they will refer it.

2. What do I wear during physiotherapy?

Dress whatever suits the patient. The patient can bring their comfortable clothing and can change the dress.

3. When should I visit a physiotherapist?

Injuries like –

  1. sprains and strains.·

  2. Post fracture stiffness·

  3. Frozen shoulder·

  4. Stroke·

  5. Arthritis·

  6. Sports injuries·

  7. Postnatal term·

  8. Chronic pain syndrome·

  9. Joint pain·

  10. Brachial plexus injury·

Post-surgery rehabilitation and so on. One can consult a physiotherapist in any such conditions. It is the duty of the physiotherapist to guide the patients further.

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